The Red Pocket World

Rococo was born in Asia, grew up in North America and travelled around the globe. All these experiences and life itself have culminated in the creation of the Red Pocket World.

Rococo believes that there’s nothing more important in life than deep and loving relationships with family and friends and the adage that we are the sum of our choices.

Through the Red Pocket World, she wishes to impart positivity, confidence and love. It is a world where everything works out in life for those who are good and true.

The physicality of this message is expressed through the beauty of the Red Pocket Charms.
Every time you wear them, know that someone loves you and is thinking of you. When you move, they move with you to remind you that you are never alone.

This is the essence of the Red Pocket World and our reality.


We have searched and found Master craftsmen who share our standard of excellence, our passion to create something meaningful and lasting as well as our sense of beauty.

Each piece has been painstakingly carved by hand, cast and modelled. The process is reiterated until each piece is perfected. The finished model is then cast in our special silver, assembled and finished with the utmost care. We are proud to have the Red Pocket collection handmade in New York.


Only the best will do. It is important to us that we use premium quality materials that adhere to the highest ethical and ecological standards. This philosophy has led to our search for raw materials globally. The result: a .935 silver that is more pure and is the most tarnish resistant in the market. Similarly, our rubies are AAA grade from non-conflict countries and our packing boxes are made of recycled paper in Italy. You can feel confident and good about wearing a piece of the Red Pocket World.

Tradition & Culture

There is something mystical and magical about the ancient Asian wisdom and tradition. One such aspect is the Chinese Zodiac containing the twelve animals that make up the cycle of our years past, present and future.

The Chinese Zodiac has been around for over 5,000 years and has been an integral part of Chinese myths and legends. Chinese philosophy believes in the existence of five elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) and their abilities to interact and create relationships between natural forces. Each of the Zodiac animals is associated with one of the five elements. A person’s character is said to be determined by the element of their Zodiac sign as well as the element of the year they were born.

No matter where we are from, this belief speaks to all of us. Many have relied on the predictive power of the Zodiac animals and have guided their relationships accordingly. People have found their mates or friends based on the compatibility of their signs.

The concept of the Red Pocket is based on a tradition in Asia where one bestows happiness, blessings and good luck by gifting a red envelope containing money. This exchange occurs among loved ones in special occasions such as births, weddings or any other significant events.

The Red Pocket collection brings together the tradition of gift giving as well as the richness of the culture embodied in the Chinese Zodiac. Each unique, handcrafted Zodiac animal is nestled in its own plush and beautiful “Red Pocket”.

May you find the blessings of wisdom, love and happiness bestowed in this wonderful tradition of giving a “Red Pocket”.